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Honeybee Life Cycle Puzzle – Montessori Study

Hello lovelies! It’s been awhile but I’m glad to say that our home remodeling is coming to an end and we can start using most of our house again!

Today is world bee day and I thought it appropriate to share Mirus Toys’ honeybee puzzle! This puzzle is perfect for young children interested in bees and pollinators.

Below is a full Youtube video review of the puzzle. I’ll go into details below.

About the educational puzzle:
The honeybee puzzle is double sided. On one side, there are small hexagon pieces to fill in the “puzzle”. There are many spots for worker bees (because they make up most of the colony, one queen, and one drone (there are few drones in a colony). There are also spots for the life cycle stages (egg, larve, pupa, adult). My favorite are all the facts that are engraved on the puzzle. You can read along with the kids.

On the back side of the puzzle is more detailed information about the honeybee. Pests, life cycle, casts, and parts of a bee. These different bits of information complement any bee unit studies you have and bee books (listed below).

While the puzzle is closed ended, there is ample opportunity for learning about bees and their importance to our ecosystem. Let’s save the bees together!

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Bee books:

Our Native Bees – $32 at Modern Rascals, on Amazon.

The World of Bees – $17 at Modern Rascals, and at Amazon.

Common Bees of Eastern North America – $9 at Modern Rascals, and at Amazon.

Common Bees of Western North America – $9 at Modern Rascals, and at Amazon.

Purchase the bee puzzle from Mirus Toys – $44.95

Bee Toys:

Wren and Mae Creations honeycomb blocks

Grapat insects set

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