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Grapat New! Simple Little Things Collection 2021

I’m excited to share Grapat’s 2021 wooden toy collection, Simple Little Things. 2020 was a tough year for the world, and Grapat took the emotion, and translated it into a beautifully simple collection.

Where to buy: Launch date is Friday April 2nd!

The Happy Lark
Natural Baby Co
together –
little things –
baby sticks –
pineapples –
petals –
snowflakes –
Rose and Rex
Norman and Jules
The Wooden Wagon

Grapat mandala snowflakes

The snowflake is a slender, conical mandala design. It comes in white, light blue, and baby blue colors – brand new tones to the mandala collection.

Grapat mandala flower petals

In the style of a single flower petal, these tiny mandalas come in shades of pink – medium pink (may remind some people of a certain medicine), magenta, and dark pink. Pair these with the mandala flowers (aka boobie mandalas) for a perfect pink look.

Grapat mandala pineapples

Abstract pineapple designed, these mandalas are the widest of all the mandalas. The purple shades are not my favorite – I wish they used the unusual yellow-green shades instead. Nevertheless, I envision stacking to be a good challenge!

Grapat mandala rainbow eggs

After the enormous success of their spring giveaway last year featuring rainbow eggs, we can all now buy a set for ourselves! My most favorite colors? The lime green and the dark magenta. Head over heels in love with them! Least favorite? The purples…they are the same colors as the current egg collection.

Grapat Together

The piece de la resistance of the 2021 collection is Together. Influenced by the endless lock downs, the global protests for justice and equality, and the need for humans to unite, Together aims to do just that. The set of 12 people feature three babies, three people with hats, three people who are slim, three people (nins) with stripes. And each of those type of people come in three skin tones. It’s obvious how much love and care they put into developing Together.

Also fun to know, the Together colors match the mandala rainbow eggs. I guess I can’t be too annoyed about the duplicate purples!

Grapat baby sticks

The adult sticks had babies and how cute they are! The six baby sticks come in the middle color way of the adult stick collection (which is 18 colors). The baby sticks also come with six small tubes to play with.

Little Things

These spinning top things are housed in a little container. They also happen to be the set where you can win a prize, one of 500 custom made mandalas.

I was surprised at the size of the Little Thing, I expected it to be bigger. It’s cute, though underwhelming. I wonder if people will buy these cuties to have a chance to win or play with them…

Grapat is currently in pre-sale stage in Canada and will be launching in the United States in two weeks.

Which ones are your favorite?!

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