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10 Wooden Toys in Stock Right Now!

The holidays are coming in… four months! That seems like a long way from now, but with delays in the global supply chain, market experts are advising to buy now.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my excited stories about Grimm’s wooden toys in stock at The Natural Baby Co, including the Large Stepped Pyramid! The last few years of Christmas shopping with small brands have taught us: shop early, plan early, shop early.

In addition, Happy Monkey Miami has a fantasic sale on Bauspiel and Ocamora, while My Toy Wagon has Timber Play and even Land of Doug on sale.

Here are my top recommendations of toys to buy!

Grimm’s Pebbles – $25 – Great for older babies (one year old) to kids. They come in five colorways – fire, moss, river, dream, flamingo.

Grimm’s Large Stepped Pyramid (also known as the LSP) – $210 – A classic wooden block set that will last you years.

Grimm’s tree slices – haven’t seen this in stock in so long! They are an underrated set. This is a set you can give to younger kids and let them grow with it. The organic shapes give their build more fun.

1001 Nights Set – $155 – A great compliment to the LSP, the 1001 Nights Sets has Middle Eastern inspired arches and some super cool corner blocks. Buy it as a first set or along the way.

Clicques – They rarely have sales, and it’s a treat when almost their entire line of magnetic dolls are around 30% off. As the company is phasing out the current style of DIY dolls, I highly recommend you to grab a couple sets that you can paint. Warning – Not for under 3 years old, small pieces.

Wooden toy animals – With Ostheimer in a state of limbo of production issues (the next restock is expected in September/October), it’s time to turn to the many other beautiful brands on market. Forest Melody, Holztiger (at Happy Monkey or Modern Rascals), Bumbu, Izvetvey (I have all of them and we LOVE the magnetic feet) , and Dadakacraft are a few brands worth trying. For size comparisons check out my toy animal guide.

Holztiger toy animals
Dadaka craft animals

Ocamora small rainbow – Want a rainbow in a variety of colors? The Spanish brand Ocamora is a colorful delight. Their six piece rainbow is on sale at Happy Monkey for $55 (retail $68). I love them all, pick a favorite! FYI, in the US, the 9 piece Ocamora is “medium” size, the 6 piece is “small” and the 12 piece (sold only in spain) is “large”.

Timber Play double sized gem in cherry wood – Okay, if thre is one toy on my wish list this year, it’s THIS. Or anything from Timber Play. (there are few other designs on sale) You can be a lucky duck and get this 21 piece set on sale from My Toy Wagon for $221.

Ambrosius fairies – these tiny dolls, around 3in tall, are the sweetest. Technically they are not toys but decor, but if you have gentler playing children (or older kids), they are great for small world play.

PS – looking for a coupon code? I have a few to share!

Modern Rascals – ALIFEOFTOYS10 for first time customers, HIGH5RASCALS for 5% off repeat customers. Exclusions apply.
Happy Monkey Miami – ALIFEOFTOYS10 for 10% off. Exclusions apply.
My Toy Wagon – ALIFEOFTOYS for 10% off. Exclusions apply.
If you have issues, drop me a PM on Instagram.

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