Hinduism, Swastikas, and Children

It’s a symbol that we find daily in our lives as Hindus, Jains, and even secular Indians. Thousands of years old, spanning cultures and continents, the swastika has been a symbol of goodness, wishing evil away, and inviting the good spirits.

The irony then, one of our most auspicious and defining symbols as a Hindu was STOLEN, PILLAGED, and RAPED by a group of people bent on waging total war to eradicate an entire religion, groups of people, and anyone in their way.

I don’t remember when I first learned about the swastika, but I remember when I mentioned in grade school that it was a holy symbol, I was a called “Nazi”, an anti-Semite, and was nearly outcasted by classmates. It was the 1990s when the first generation of Indians in America were growing and attending public schools and learning to balance their lives as American Desis.

For a community of people that stays relativity out of the limelight in the US, and being known as doctors and engineers, we were on the front lines. We were targeted, we were screamed at and we were confused. How could an entire country not even know that while the swastika was used by the Nazis, it is also the defining symbol of Hinduism? As it turned out, Americans possessed zero education on world religions, let alone poor education on the geographic location of India itself.

My son is only three years old and his religious awareness is limited because both my husband and I are secular. However, we have a toran on our door where swastikas can be found, occasionally attend temple, and read books on the Hindu gods (cute stories) that all have the swastika. He hasn’t asked me yet, but when he does, what do I say? When he does he become old enough to learn of the evils in the world that stole our precious symbol and attempted to destroy another civilization at the same time?

It’s all rhetorical right now, but I would love to hear your thoughts on how you educated your children on the swastika and how they can effectively deal with ignorance and anger around them.

B&B’s Favorite Toys for One Year Old Babies

Finding toys for your one year old is a daunting task. Their personality is just blooming and you don’t quite know what their likes and dislikes; although clearly from their tantrums, they HAVE opinions.

With two children in tow and speaking to a lot of moms, here are my favorite toys. They are non battery operated (except for the piano) and foster creativity, innovation and independent play.

Cheer’s to baby’s first birthday and hoping they love these gifts!

PS: These are affiliate links. I may make a small commission (that doesn’t affect your cost) that keeps this site alive. Thank you! <3

Melissa and Doug Pounding Bench

Nothing beats pounding the daylights out of something. And you know your young toddler will go nuts for beating something – legitimately!

Push Prams

Several brands make push carts and strollers. Pick the one that fits your budget. On the easy wallet side, there is IKEA (though the cart itself is small) and Brio. For wood based strollers/prams, there is Moover ($177) and HABA ($149), both on the more expensive side.

You should also stop a Home Goods store and see what is in store in the toy section. I found several wooden push carts/prams for under $50; what a steal!

Baby Piano
If you have space for a small Yamama type keyboard, go for it. We have the Fisher Price Baby Grand Piano – it is absolutely silly but a LOT of fun. The music it plays isn’t annoying and you can flip the switch to play pre-recorded music or music notes. For something a bit more mature and more minimalist, the Melissa and Doug 25 key set is nice.

There, I said it. Find the tupperware or yogurt containers that you don’t want anymore and create a space in YOUR kitchen for them. This is the key, you need to sacrifice a cupboard to your toddler. They feel they get to be part of the kitchen while you get to interact with them. It’s a win win. I store unloved tupperware, a few old pans and spatulas we don’t use anymore in our shelf space.

Dresser Drawers
Again, it doesn’t take much to entertain a young toddler. They are on their feet for the *first time ever* and using those feet mean exploring! We have several dressers in the house (ALWAYS bolt them to the wall) and we keep two drawers available for the little one. Each drawer is in a dresser in a different room. This provides ample opportunity to move things from drawer to another, while working on gross and fine motor skills (opening, closing, picking up, walking, placing/throwing items).

I think my baby spent three months walking back and forth between the rooms just opening and closing the drawers. Be sure to keep an eye for safety reasons (climbing in) and for when your phone disappears (true story).

Grimm’s Large 12-Piece Rainbow Stacker

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This unassuming rainbow wood stacking blocks is magical. At first, we didn’t know what to do with it. Soon, we figured out how to stack them, mix them with other toys, and create art pieces. Made in Germany of solid wood, this is a present that will last years.

Montessori Infant Coin Box
This teaches a baby about object permanence. Your little one is well on the way of understanding object permanence, this coin box helps reinforce that idea. If you want to be very budget friendly, grab a shoe box, cut a hole and use a few blocks. Baby will go nuts! If you are feeling inspired by Montessori education, check out my post on Montessori toys for 0-4 years old.

Ball Run
Dropping a ball and watching it go down tracks doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing, unless you are a baby, then it is THE MOST EXCITING THING EVER. When looking for ball runs, make sure you find one that is age appropriate for age 1+. Most ball runs are in fact marble runs, and they are not safe for babies. My favorite ball runs that are for one year and up (but please double check before buying) are the Hape Derby Track, HABA build your ball run, Battat – Pound & Roll tower, and the Hape Switchback Racer (age: 18 months+).

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 74 Piece Set

On the pricey side, magna tiles are awesome. Build in three dimension with triangles, rectangles, square, and trapezoids. A classic STEM/STEAM toy, your toddler, and their friends, will love these. For a budget friendly version, you can buy the off-brand tiles.

Knob Puzzles
Large and easy for small hands, the Melissa and Doug knob puzzles are a great way to get your little one started on the world of puzzles. Teach them about matching, animals, and shapes. My kids got into them around 15 months even though they were introduced them at 10 months, it was mostly throwing at that age.

Flip books
Any book that has flaps or lift up features will be a hit. Something about them enthralls young toddlers. Matthew Van Fleet books are always a hit, Moo, Dog, Cat, and Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings (so loved by my children it is in pieces, hehehe!) are just a few of his most popular.
Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That Go
by Richard Scarry

A classic paper book with all sorts of crazy cars, trucks, buses, and boats. For a baby, you can get the
Cars and Trucks, from A-Z.

I will keep updating this list as time goes. For now, I hope you enjoy! If you have a favorite toy (rather your baby does), post below.

Essential International Packing Travel List: 3.5 Year Old Toddler 1 Year Old Baby

This is THE list if you are packing for small creatures. I’m still working on packing lists for different ages, though for you, I got you covered for a one year old baby and a 3.5 year old toddler.

The list is long, but it covers everything I could think of when packing. Everything. There are definitely items that are annoying to carry (extra medicine mainly) but you never know when you’ll need them. And of course if you don’t pack them, you’ll absolutely need them!

I included my favorite toys, essentials like diapers and wipes, medicine, extras, clothes and safety. You will need to think of the type of weather and location to make final decisions. Rainy weather = rain boots and raincoats. Winter weather = legging layers, snow boots, gloves, hat. You get the idea.

I use this packing list as my guide when traveling internationally to India and Sweden, but you can apply it anywhere for young children.

DOWNLOAD THE CHECKLIST PDF! Easy to print checklist for you.


2-3 emergency diapers (even if your child is potty train you never know when you might them)
2 undies
1 pair pants
1 top
1 sweater
Toddler backpack
Toddler rolling back – optional but can be fun. Be prepared when toddler is tired, you will have to carry the bag.
1 blanket
1 neck pillow
2 packs stickers
1 plain notebook
Favorite stuffed toy – if your kid has one, take it!
Water ink set from Melissa and Doug
Reusable water bottle

Duplos – a car, couple people or animals, few blocks
Few wooden animal toys – always a success

Snacks – see below

5 hours per diaper x trip length + 4 extra =
2 wipes packages (75 count) = I prefer two packages instead of giant package because if I lose the giant package, I have no more wipes!
1 warm outfit
2 pairs socks
Favorite stuffed toy
Duplo car and some people or animals
Reusable water bottle

Parental unit – Mom or Dad
Extra top
Adult tylenol
Hand sanitizer
Lotion/hand cream

Puffs – Cheerios or the like
Saltine crackers – Seriously, your life will thank you
Fresh fruit – this will help you on the first leg of the journey when fresh fruit is at a premium at 38,000 feet. Blueberries, bananas, and mandarin/clementine oranges are the least messy.

Bars – Larabar, granola bar, nature’s bar…whatever your children love.
Animal crackers – this is treat and a BIG hit for both kids.
Baby food pouches – even if your kids are no longer into those fruit, veggie pouches, take some! You never know when you will need them and you never know when there is a dearth of food options. I pack 6 pouches for a 36 hour door-to-door trip (three pouches/kid).

Candy – no, stop it. I know you and the children are going on a special trip but the last thing you need to do is offer sugar to them. There is nothing worse then giving young children a sugar high and no where to run it off! If you must, pack the candy for yourself in your purse.

The list below is a total hit or miss. If your children are not sick, then all is well and you do not need anything from below. If they get sick while traveling or are already sick, well, best to have everything with you! Remember, once you are on the plane, no one is giving you baby medicine to deal with fevers, coughing, etc.

Gripe water
Petroleum jelly
Baby Benadryl
Baby Tylenol/

I am excluding all parent packing here and focusing on the kids only. Consider how many days your trip is (including travel time) and whether you will have access to laundry.

Baby potty – a Potette or something similar
Baby seat – if your younger one needs assistance at sitting at the table. I love the Fisher Price portable one. It does take up space in the suitcase though!
1 pack new crayons
1 pack new markers
3-5 small, favorite books – pick books your kids love and ones that you will tolerate for the entire duration of the trip. Seriously.
Moving vehicles – one per child
Extra Duplo – so they can keep building!
3-4 sticker sets – the dollar bin at Target or Michael’s is your best friend
Inflatable balls – compact and will endlessly entertain your younger one.

Baby diapers – Count 5 diapers/day x days of the trip. Add 3 days extra of diapers in case of delays or heaven forbid, illness!
Wipes – We average 15 wipes/day (yes, I have counted), but it depends on your usage. Wipes are usually easy to find and if you do not have any, wet paper towels work just as well.
Extra medicine
Extra snacks – for the trip home and back up on your travels.
Baby thermometer
Baby nail cutter
N95 masks – especially useful if you are going somewhere with higher pollution levels
Pedialyte – In case the kids get very sick and you need to give them electrolyes

Clothing is highly dependent on the weather of your destination. Cold weather means more clothes because of layering and gear. Gloves, snow shoes, hats, and even snow suits maybe needed. On the flip side, if the destination is rainy or in the rainy season, pack rain jackets and rain boots – they are impossible to find at any store last minute (yea, I’ve looked!)

For your toddler, let him/her help with choosing clothes. You will of course finalize the items, but let them pick their favorite tops, bottoms, undies and socks. They will be thrilled and they get to be part of the process. This is also a great learning and development opportunity for them (very Montessori friendly), don’t miss out on it.

Where Have I Been?

Where have I been? You must be wondering. It’s been a few months since I last posted and while I had no shortage of things to write, I was uninspired to write. Blogger’s block you could say.

I also have been struggling with how much to share of my children’s faces. In the age of data mining and selling, I don’t know if I want to share their most adorable faces with the internet. Maybe I am being over paranoid, or maybe not (are you listening Alexa?). For now, I will keep their faces to a minimum, but will still share photos of their fabulous hair.

I have also been struggling on what direction to take this blog. Do I want to focus on finding my Indian identity as an American woman raising Indo-Swedish children? Or do I want to talk about international travel? Or toys? (dammit why do I love toys so much! And why do they always make such a mess!). Or food? (I bought an Instant Pot – it is the BEST SHIT EVER).

Anyway, I made a poll below. It takes 2 seconds to fill it out, so fill it out! Pick your favorite two from the list.

What should I write about?

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Toodles for now, let’s see where we go.

The Ultimate Resource List of South Asian Toys, Books & Inspiration for Children

Sneak peek draft! Looking for books or toys that celebrate being South Asian? Whether you are Indian or Pakistani or Sri Lankan, the market for high quality products for our children is exploding.

This is my resource list of books, publishers, and educational toys for the desi baby. If you have a recommendation or a brand, comment or email me.

FTC Disclosure: These are some affiliate links and I make a small commission if you buy through them (and it does not affect your price!). Buying through them means you help support this blog to continue to produce fabulous content. Namaskar.

Books & Publishers:
Twinkle Twinkle, Diwali Lights
Meet My Hindu Gods
My First Indian Coloring book
Krishna & Friends puzzle
10 Noisy Rickshaws
Indian truck and rickshaw stickers

Desi Babies

Twinkle Twinkle, Diwali Lights
Meet My Hindu Gods
My First Indian Coloring book
Krishna & Friends puzzle
10 Noisy Rickshaws
Indian truck and rickshaw stickers

Bharat Books
Always Anjali
Sarla in the Sky
Ganesh and the Little Mouse
Indian Alphabet

Studio Yali
A Puzzling Tour of India – Studio Yali
Take a bewildering trip through India that will have you winding your way through Assam’s tea estates, putting together a snake boat race in Kerala, and hunting for antiques at Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar. Just don’t get lost along the way!
Auge: 6 years+

Wanderlust: A Coloring Journal – Studio Yali
A Coloring Journal features 25 gorgeous scenes from lesser-known regions in India with travel notes by the artist, making this book an unforgettable tour of one of the most colorful places in the world.
Age: 10 years+

Hena Khan
Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns, I had no idea how big she was, I was just fueling my desi obsession. She has a new book on shapes, Crescent Moons and Pointed Minarets, as well as books on Ramadan and holidays, Night of the Moon, It’s Ramadan, Curious George

Meenal Patel Studio – Illustrator and author Meenal does prints and books. Local to San Francisco Bay Area.
Neela Goes to San Francisco.

Diwali, Celebrate the World Series – Board Book

My Diwali Coloring Book
Age: 4+, 24 pages

Education & Toys:
Toka Box – Curated education boxes for older toddlers and young children.
Age: 3-5 years old, 5-7 years old

Modi Toys

Jai Jai Hooray

Language learning:

Sanskar Teaching – Learn Gujarati online with live and recorded classes. For children to adults.

Bolo Bolo Baby – Gujarati and Hindi Montessori inspired learning for children three years and up.

Hindi alphabet blocks – Uncle Goose

Gnaana alphabet blocks – Gnaana

A is for Anaar: My First Hindi Alphabet Book – Gnaana

More to come!

Best Ways to Learn Gujarati For Parents & Children

My life has always been a linguistic mess. My parents spoke English to me, to each other they spoke Marathi and my mother spoke Gujarati, English, Marathi, and Hindi.

Not to mention my years of learning French and living in Sweden speaking Swedish, it’s a giant language mess!

Flash forward to today where we speak Swedish and English at home. I have never been a fluent, or even high level speaker of my native Indian language (regrets abound there), which means my children have limited exposure.

The last few months though I have been looking around for ways to improve my Gujarati, my mother’s language. Googling didn’t get me anywhere and the few books I have on hand are boring, pedantic, and literally not-colorful. I began searching on Instagram. Not by hashtags, but by following friends of friends.

Yes, that’s how desperate I was to find a way to learn Gujarati as a foreigner.

And this led me to the jackpot. First, I found Sanskar Teaching. Vaishali is India born and moved to the US while in high school. This is important because she understands how we learn in the US (not by route memorization) and can pull from creative teaching styles.

She offers live online classes for children (and adults!) as well as, go at your pace Gujarati classes. To supplement there are flash cards and games (see my review on them) and digital downloads. You can also join the email newsletter and receive loads of freebies. Currently available are bhajans for children!

The second person I met on Instagram, whom I don’t know personally but am in complete awe of her, is Sage_ness. Sejal is a Indian American Gujarati mom of four children and raises them in a fully immersed Montessori Gujarati life.

Yes, Montessori teaching in Gujarati. She focuses on how have a Montessori home through the eyes of an Indian family. You can find Hindi and Gujarati sandpaper letters, color wheel, and even a make your own Diwali rangoli.

Both Sanskar Teaching and Sage-Ness are a great place to start your language immersion into Gujarati. Find them on Instagram and their websites to get started on your Gujarati language journey.

Gujarati Alphabet Flashcards & Memory Games

In my endeavor to learn Gujarati and introduce the kids to my mother’s mother tongue, I stumbled upon Sanskar Learning on Instagram.

It was serendipitous that I found Vaishali on Insta – she has short videos, word of the day, and easy ways to access Gujarati as a non-speaker.

After following her, we began chatting. She was so much fun to talk with. Vaishali took my mailing address and a week later I received a surprise package from her!

In it was a flashcard set of the Gujarati alphabet and a memory game card set. They were beautifully made, durable, AND useful!

My son (3 years old) and I have started playing memory matching, card side up, since he is learning the words and matching. Once he masters this part, we can play the memory game with the cards face down.

As for the alphabet, we do that at the dining table with the kids. Even my husband is learning words. (PS – I will post a video working on the Gujarati alphabet with the kids)

Both these cards are both educational and fun. They are perfect from 3 years to adult, like myself or even my husband. The only part that is missing is having a video access online to know the pronunciation. I know how to pronounce most of the words, but I do want to double check that I am teaching the correct with the kids.

Either way, it’s exciting to see products for Indians on the market! Stay tuned as we continue our exploration into being Indian as Americans.

20 Things You Must Do Before Having Your First Baby

Wondering what to do for yourself in those last months of pregnancy? Sure, you are belly deep in nesting and buying diapers or onesies, but what about yourself mom?

These are your last months with you and your spouse ALL BY YOURSELF. After this, there’s no going back. You will forever have another little person attached to you.

I crowdsourced these “must haves” self-care ideas with veteran and new moms. From getting yourself a pedicure to sleeping as much as you want, this is your time to shine and enjoy those last pre-baby moments in life.

1. Non-pregnancy related doctor appointments – Get yours eyes with your annual vision appointment, dental cleaning and checkups, dermatology, and any other medical appointment that has nothing to do with baby.

2. Talk to insurance about your annual deductible and copays – If you have health insurance, you may get lucky to meet your deductible and co-pays with the birth of baby because of the sheer cost bill by the hospital to insurance. Get on the phone now with the insurance provider and find out how much may be covered and what your expected out of pocket is.

Also find out what your annual deductible, copay, and coinsurance amounts are. If you are lucky, you’ll meet them with the birth of baby and your remaining medical costs for the year will be cheaper to almost free. This is a good time to get that prescription list together.

3. Nap and sleep more – At some point it’s going to suck to sit, sleep, stand, lie down because of baby’s position in the uterus. Doesn’t matter, because you need rest. Whenever you are not working, hang out and relax. It’s okay to watch an extra episode, err season, of The Great British Baking Show. Actually just nap whenever, wherever!

4. Have sex – Yes, you can have sex when you are pregnant. Pregnancy hormones make you crazy, why not go crazy?

5. Chop up basic veggies – Chop onions, carrots, potatoes, etc and freeze. You can then make quick meals without relying on expensive frozen foods.

6. Fancy food – Treat yourself to long, fancy lunches/dinners especially at non-child friendly places. You might not be able to have a glass of champagne but you can enjoy beautifully served food.

7. Pamper yourself – Manicures, pedicures, facials, waxes, get it all done now!

8. TV show list – Make a list of easy going TV shows to watch postpartum during the random hours you and spouse will be awake with the newborn in the first weeks.

9. Go to the movie theater – When will be the next opportunity you will get to go to the theater? 2028? 2031? Whenever you get rid of the kids? Remember the good old days where date night consisted of dinner and a movie, do that again!

10. Get out in nature – Whether you are hiking or driving through the woods, go enjoy nature without lugging around a diaper bag, a stroller, a baby carrier, and a baby. You may not be able to do much hiking, but you can enjoy those beautiful sunsets.

11. Babymoon – There is the honeymoon when you get married, and the babymoon for just before a baby. A lovely way to take a proper vacation with spouse and/or friends. We went to Hawaii with best friends for a week and it was amazing. I still remember it as one of the best trips of our lives.

12. Fix your house – No matter what you do, you will end up nesting. Sorting clothes, baby toys, diapers, wipes, medicines, and overstocking with useless items (true story). What you really need to do is fix things that need to get done in the house. Shelves, unpack boxes, sort out a closet, buy lounge chairs. Honestly, my husband put up the sun umbrella the day I was in labor. It was on his to-do list for a month, but he finally put it up (after much screaming, lol) when I told him we are having this baby today. TODAY! Cue laughing face and rolling around hilariously.

13. Meet friends – Dinner, fika (coffee), lunch dates, get out with your friends! If you are the first in your group to have a child, this is important for you. No matter what you say (and how much eye rolling you are doing at me), you lose time to hang out on a whim. Sure, you will see your friends, but it won’t be the same.

14. Girls Night Out – Speaking of meeting friends, go out for a girls night out. Get dressed up and enjoy time with your girlfriends.

15. Work auto-email & processes – Make sure your work processes are in place well before you go on maternity leave. Who will take over? Who leads projects? You will not be answering emails, sitting on calls or otherwise herding cats at your company. Hop to it and have a plan in place. Also make sure your auto email letter is set and will start on a specific date – usually the last day you work. If you go into labor earlier, turn on your auto responder immediately. Since you already wrote the response email, it’s one less thing on your list.

16. Car tune up – Take your car in for servicing. Oil change, alignment, tire rotation, standard service checks, go in now. There’s nothing like having a 2 week old baby and needing service on your mode of transportation.

17. Pets? – Buy extra everything: food, litter, medicine. Take them in for their annual checkup. Your fur baby will soon have a human sibling, be ready for jealously and acting out.

18. Hospital bags – Pack your hospital bag for yourself and your spouse. Once you hit 36 weeks you are considered term and baby can show anytime.

Get ready for the time of your life. Everything is about to change and be turned upside down. It good, bad, and beautiful.

Love your last moments as an adult without responsibility before embarking on the adventure of parenthood.

Moon Phases Printable Sheet

Made a quick printable to celebrate equinox and the harvest moon (full moon).

You can print a moon phase with text or without text on 8.5×11 letter paper.

Moon phases with text. Click on the image and save as. They are .png and not .pdf’s. Sorry, I didn’t have time to convert them!

Moon phases without text

Images are courtesy of NASA. Please feel free to print for your own personal use or home school classroom. Link to this post if you want to give a shout-out online. Thank you!

Judgemental Jerk Ideas We Have of Mothers

I want to tell you something. Whether you are a new mom, becoming a mom, or reading here because you’re interested in learning about small creatures, we have all been jerks.

To nursing moms, to new moms, to working moms, to all moms.

You know deep down you have judged a mom, consciously or not. We have misinformation, disinformation, and flat out prejudice against mothers that we all drink the kool-aid and expect them to be picture perfect people.

Judgmental Jerk Idea 1: Every woman can breastfeed
I honestly thought that every woman can breastfeed easily. In my head, I excluded women with illnesses or breast cancer, but everyone else breastfeeding should be easy.

There isn’t a biology book in the world that explains breastfeeding is the most difficult and tiring job for mammals. Sure, watching mommy pig nurse 10 piglets looked excruciating. Humans, we only have one or two children at most to nurse. How difficult can that be? After all, if a baby cannot nurse, they die (historically speaking over thousands of years); those babies must be able to latch easily and quickly.

I wish someone told me way back when this is worse than labor and the most demanding thing you will do physically to your body. And when people judge you or you judge others on they should feed their newborns (not solids of course), they can screw off.

Judgmental Jerk Idea 2: Not Helping Moms in public when they need it
It’s tough to know when a mom needs help. Sometimes it is carrying things, sometimes it is holding the door open, sometimes it is being funny with other children to help turn their tears in smiles. And sometimes it’s giving a mom a full helping hand when there vomit all over the place.

Whatever you do, help a mom a little more than you would help anyone else. Sure, in my pre-baby days, I would help moms carry strollers, especially in Stockholm, and hold doors for them. Could I have done more? Probably.

All that good karma you extend to another mother will come back to you.

Judgemental Jerk Idea 3: Thinking kids eating cookies, candies, and junk food is bad
To be clear, we could all eat less sugar and salt food in our diets. And toddlers and young children should eat the least of all. But guess what. Not every parent has the luxury to make their children a home cooked meal for every meal nor may they be able to afford food. And some parents work 10/12/15 hour days to make ends meet. Who am I to judge what those children eat as long as their parents love them, feed them, and give them a safe place to live?

Maybe it is more that some parents need education on how to best feed their children rather than be judged for their actions. But you know, *socialism* happens when we try to have a national policy to help people less fortunate than us. (I am eye rolling at you if you think socialism is that evil.)

Judgemental Jerk Idea 4: Babies who don’t sleep through the night = bad parenting
Hahaha, what a dumb idea that is! Babies who don’t sleep through the night or nap are…wait for it…BABIES!

No matter what kind of parenting we do, we are going to lose the war with them. We already know, babies can be the jerks when it comes to sleep. They only appreciate sleep when they are 14 years old and we can barely move them out of bed.

The irony of life, hahaha.

Judgmental Jerk Idea 5: Moms who work are not supporting the family
It makes me livid to know people think moms who work outside the house are not doing their jobs as good moms.

Moms can and should work. Period. We live in a society today that requires two person working homes to pay the bills. And women have equal brains to men, so why not use their brains? Why not have dreams and aspirations?

Working moms tend to be happier moms. And happier moms are more productive moms.

Let’s be nicer to each other. Ok?