Grimm’s Wooden Toys Retired Collection

Are you a Grimm’s nerd? Looking for the collection, old and older to find? You are in luck. Here is my amassed collection of all the Grimms Spiel und Holz retired products in one post. It is not every product, but all the well known ones.

Be prepared, the out of production Grimm’s wooden toys are spectacular. Truly works of art. By the sheer nature of being retired, they are almost impossible to find. I have had some luck finding pieces but it takes a lot of hard word, a dash of luck, and maybe a friend. Please don’t get into searching for them unless you are prepared to do a LOT of searching. And pay over retail.

Retail prices for the small puzzles (like the Iris, Seasons, or Green/Blue and Red sparkling mandalas) were 50-70 euros. The super Grimm’s puzzles (Sun mandala, Circle Flower mandala, Kreis Fantasy, Kreis Auris) were 200 euros. And mandalas like the Lara and Fokus were around 150 euros.

I am putting this photo list here in the hopes that we can convince Grimm’s to bring back some of these beauties. For the current collection, I recommend The Natural Baby Company (for US shoppers) and Modern Rascals (Canada shoppers).

Grimms Circle Auris mandala
Grimms Circle Sun mandala
Grimms Circle Rainbow mandala

Grimms Circle Flower mandala
Grimms Circle Conical Tower 1 mandala
Grimms Circle Conical Tower 2 mandala
Grimms Black White Chess Board
Grimms Large Staircase
Grimm’s viereck flora – square floral puzzle
Grimm’s Fokus mandala
Grimm’s Fanstasie (Fantasy) mandala puzzle
Grimms Trapezoid
Grimm’s Lara Mandala
Grimm’s Waterlily pentagon
Grimm’s Pentagon
Starry night puzzle
Grimm’s Crop Circles
Grimms Large Sparkling Natural Mandala
Grimms Large Sparkling Pink Mandala
Grimm’s Grimms Sparkling Red/Yellow Mandala
Grimms Sparkling Green Mandala
Grimm’s Iris Mandala
Grimms Summer Mandala

Grimms Itten Mandala
Grimm’s Chameleon puzzle
Grimm’s 2cm Conical tower (smaller version than the large conical tower)
Grimm’s Fish puzzle
Grimm’s snake puzzle
Grimm’s Roofs and Pillars
Seven steps stacking puzzle

I have a few retired mandala puzzles missing.When I find good photos, I will add them here.

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  • Caroline

    Hi, thanks for your work here, it’s very interesting to know if you have something interessant in your hands.
    Please add more when you can. Best regards

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