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Grimm’s New Release Toys 2021

Are you ready for the new releases from Grimm’s wooden toys?! I am!!

A few of their toys have leaked online as they are listed on their website. Brand new puzzle, a revamp rainbow, and new waldorf dolls. I cannot wait to see the rest of the collection when it officially debuts.

Baukasten Vier Temperamente- Four Temperaments

A colorful building set with 61 building blocks in free form. The individual building blocks are reminiscent of animals and various other creatures, and by combining different building elements, something new is always created that will stimulate and inspire the imagination.
The predominant temperament determines the specific mood in which someone usually finds themself. It influences how we feel and experience life, how we think, act or react.
The Melancholic temperament has a compassionate and rather sad nature. It is BLUE, turning inward into the depths, with edges, curves and endurance – like its element, the Earth.
The Choleric temperament has an active and fiery nature.It is RED, jagged and sometimes sharp-edged. Its impulsiveness belongs to the element of Fire.
The Phlegmatic temperament is steady and content. It is GREEN and still like the surface of a pond. Its curves and soft shapes correspond to its
element, Water.
The Sanguine temperament radiates cheerfulness and optimism. It is YELLOW and shines from within, losing itself in the periphery or in the sky. Air is its element.

Pink yellow nesting boxes

Now that the unpopular yellow-red nesting boxes have been discontinued, we can finally see the pink-yellow style. Matching the lollipop bowls, these boxes are bright and cheery. They pair with the Ocean nesting boxes and bowls which are already on market.

Diverse Waldorf Dolls – from babies to dolls, Grimm’s edited line of waldorf dolls pays homage to the world we live in: everybody. After a fraught year socially in the United States, Grimm’s listened and has acted to bring forth a diverse color collection of their dolls, babies, and gnomes.

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