20 Things You Must Do Before Having Your First Baby

Wondering what to do for yourself in those last months of pregnancy? Sure, you are belly deep in nesting and buying diapers or onesies, but what about yourself mom?

These are your last months with you and your spouse ALL BY YOURSELF. After this, there’s no going back. You will forever have another little person attached to you.

I crowdsourced these “must haves” self-care ideas with veteran and new moms. From getting yourself a pedicure to sleeping as much as you want, this is your time to shine and enjoy those last pre-baby moments in life.

1. Non-pregnancy related doctor appointments – Get yours eyes with your annual vision appointment, dental cleaning and checkups, dermatology, and any other medical appointment that has nothing to do with baby.

2. Talk to insurance about your annual deductible and copays – If you have health insurance, you may get lucky to meet your deductible and co-pays with the birth of baby because of the sheer cost bill by the hospital to insurance. Get on the phone now with the insurance provider and find out how much may be covered and what your expected out of pocket is.

Also find out what your annual deductible, copay, and coinsurance amounts are. If you are lucky, you’ll meet them with the birth of baby and your remaining medical costs for the year will be cheaper to almost free. This is a good time to get that prescription list together.

3. Nap and sleep more – At some point it’s going to suck to sit, sleep, stand, lie down because of baby’s position in the uterus. Doesn’t matter, because you need rest. Whenever you are not working, hang out and relax. It’s okay to watch an extra episode, err season, of The Great British Baking Show. Actually just nap whenever, wherever!

4. Have sex – Yes, you can have sex when you are pregnant. Pregnancy hormones make you crazy, why not go crazy?

5. Chop up basic veggies – Chop onions, carrots, potatoes, etc and freeze. You can then make quick meals without relying on expensive frozen foods.

6. Fancy food – Treat yourself to long, fancy lunches/dinners especially at non-child friendly places. You might not be able to have a glass of champagne but you can enjoy beautifully served food.

7. Pamper yourself – Manicures, pedicures, facials, waxes, get it all done now!

8. TV show list – Make a list of easy going TV shows to watch postpartum during the random hours you and spouse will be awake with the newborn in the first weeks.

9. Go to the movie theater – When will be the next opportunity you will get to go to the theater? 2028? 2031? Whenever you get rid of the kids? Remember the good old days where date night consisted of dinner and a movie, do that again!

10. Get out in nature – Whether you are hiking or driving through the woods, go enjoy nature without lugging around a diaper bag, a stroller, a baby carrier, and a baby. You may not be able to do much hiking, but you can enjoy those beautiful sunsets.

11. Babymoon – There is the honeymoon when you get married, and the babymoon for just before a baby. A lovely way to take a proper vacation with spouse and/or friends. We went to Hawaii with best friends for a week and it was amazing. I still remember it as one of the best trips of our lives.

12. Fix your house – No matter what you do, you will end up nesting. Sorting clothes, baby toys, diapers, wipes, medicines, and overstocking with useless items (true story). What you really need to do is fix things that need to get done in the house. Shelves, unpack boxes, sort out a closet, buy lounge chairs. Honestly, my husband put up the sun umbrella the day I was in labor. It was on his to-do list for a month, but he finally put it up (after much screaming, lol) when I told him we are having this baby today. TODAY! Cue laughing face and rolling around hilariously.

13. Meet friends – Dinner, fika (coffee), lunch dates, get out with your friends! If you are the first in your group to have a child, this is important for you. No matter what you say (and how much eye rolling you are doing at me), you lose time to hang out on a whim. Sure, you will see your friends, but it won’t be the same.

14. Girls Night Out – Speaking of meeting friends, go out for a girls night out. Get dressed up and enjoy time with your girlfriends.

15. Work auto-email & processes – Make sure your work processes are in place well before you go on maternity leave. Who will take over? Who leads projects? You will not be answering emails, sitting on calls or otherwise herding cats at your company. Hop to it and have a plan in place. Also make sure your auto email letter is set and will start on a specific date – usually the last day you work. If you go into labor earlier, turn on your auto responder immediately. Since you already wrote the response email, it’s one less thing on your list.

16. Car tune up – Take your car in for servicing. Oil change, alignment, tire rotation, standard service checks, go in now. There’s nothing like having a 2 week old baby and needing service on your mode of transportation.

17. Pets? – Buy extra everything: food, litter, medicine. Take them in for their annual checkup. Your fur baby will soon have a human sibling, be ready for jealously and acting out.

18. Hospital bags – Pack your hospital bag for yourself and your spouse. Once you hit 36 weeks you are considered term and baby can show anytime.

Get ready for the time of your life. Everything is about to change and be turned upside down. It good, bad, and beautiful.

Love your last moments as an adult without responsibility before embarking on the adventure of parenthood.

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