Preeti’s Toy List

Welcome to my curated list! Every toy here has been handpicked by me. From newborns to 6 year olds, I scoured high and low to find great toys.

How I choose the toys:

I choose toys that foster open ended play and spark curiosity. Too much in children’s lives do we as adults dictate what they should do, how they should play, what classes to take. Open ended play (and read some great research here) allows children to imagine and think critically.

Most toys are made from wood and sourced sustainably. Many of these toys are painted with love by hand (notably Grapat, Ostheimer, Holztiger, Myers, Sensory Play, Grimms, and Gluckskafer/Nic). Some toys are plastic, Lego Duplo, bath toys, outdoor toys.

This curated list is for parents, grandparents, and friends. It’s for a parent looking to buy one less junk toy for a birthday party, for a grandparent to find something long lasting, and for friends who have no idea where to start (hint, there are no bright plastic stuff on this list!).

Parents, if you’re looking at this list for inspiration but want to make a wish list, you can use the ubiquitous Amazon or

Please know that I do NOT sell any of the toys myself. These toys link to their respected retailer – Amazon, Natural Baby Co, Bannor Toys, Primary, Lovevery, and more. Prices, shipping, fees, deals, are up to each individual retailer. Any purchase you make gives me a small commission (at no cost to you!) and helps me continue writing and reviewing toys and more. I am truly grateful for your support.

The shop can be sorted in several ways: Age, Brand, Price, Type of Toy.

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