Wooden Toy Animal Comparison Guide

Previously, I wrote about Ostheimer and Holztiger wooden toy animals. They’re not the only brands though. While both brands are well known internationally, there are many smaller brands that are taking stage today.

The COVID-19 pandemic created massive supply shortages and shipping delays, which especially affected Ostheimer (DE) and Holztiger (DE). It paved the way for less well known brands to take stage. Eric and Albert (UK), Bumbu (RO), Brin d’Ours (FR), and Buntspeche (DE) are a few examples.

With the help of some amazing friends, ( @wood.and.wonder, Michele) we put together these photo comparisons for you. In the future we will do some videos too!

From left to right – Holztiger stork, Ostheimer stork, Bumbu Heron, Predan Stork, Ostheimer ostrich, Lanka Kade flamingo, Holztiger flamingo, and Holztiger ostrich
Notes: The Bumbo is exquisite yet delicate – it is not suited to rough play at all because of the beak. The Ostheimer stork and ostrich have delicate beaks and necks and would not be suited for rough play either. Holztiger and Lanka Kade are hands down the best for younger children/throwers. Predan is more durable than it looks but I wouldn’t put it in the hands of a thrower!
There are only two companies that make pigeons – Mikheev (RU) and The Wooden Caterpillar (RU). Both are about one inch tall and painted in similar styles.

Left to right – Dadakakraft, Bumbu, Brin d’Ours, Buntespechte, homemade, Predan, Ostheimer.
Notes: Dadakakraft is GIANT. They are enormous, a bit like they drank an enlarging potion. Buntspechte is curvy and easy on the small hands. The Ostheimer grey bunny is pictured but their classic brown bunnies are similar.


Left to right – Brin d’ours, Predan, Ostheimer, Holztiger

Notes: Holztiger is the largest of the frog lot – their style is larger and easier for toddlers. Brin d’Ours has the smallest frog along with the smallest snail ever seen. Predan and Ostheimer are about the same size, a little over an inch long.



Featuring Buntspechte, Eric and Albert, Brin d’Ours, and Ostheimer. Photos by @wood.and.wonder on instagram.

Also check out my post on starting out with wooden toy animals, Ostheimer versus Holztiger.


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