The Definitive Guide to Grimm’s Wooden Toys for Little Kids

In the last few weeks there have been more shipments of Grimm’s wooden toys to retailers in the US. Which is super exciting! There are so many toys from Grimm’s that we love and COVID year really took the fun out of the party when folks could not find anything!

With the upcoming The Natural Baby Co restock on Friday February 19th at 10am MST, here is my GO-TO guide on what wooden toys to buy for babies, toddlers, and young children.

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Babies – 0 to 12 months

Giant Marbles – a six pack of marbles that come in rainbow, pastel, or black and white. Black and white is my favorite – they go with everything!

Pebbles – any color (Fire, River, Moss, Dream, Flamingo). Something about stacking stones is tactile, satisfying, and natural.

Stacking Bowls (lollipop pink, ocean blue, natural, rainbow, outside blue rainbow) – what makes Grimm’s so popular is not just their block sets, but their toys that are unassuming yet stellar. The stacking (nesting) bowls is great for little hands and come in a variety of colors. It’s the only set that we have one of everything (what was I thinking?!)

Large Stepped Pyramid – use the cubes and keep the rest away for later

Cars and buses – things that go will dominate your life for as long as you shall live. Might as well get the cars and buses and get a move on.

Toddlers – 12 to 36 months

1001 Nights set – such a fun set to build with! you won’t be let down by it. We love it so much.

Large Stepped Pyramid – bring out allllll the blocks!

Shapes stacking game – If you must buy a stacking tower, buy this one or the extremely large geometric shapes tower. This 4 style stacking toy gives you 4 different shapes and helps children with color sorting, matching shapes, and learning sizes. As they get older, you can use it for playing too.

Tree Slices – underrated, they are a bagful of fun. I don’t dig the color scheme, but I love the quirky sizes.

Friends in cups – play with the peg people, stack the cubs, color match or mix and match, this is an unassuming set with a lot of power.

Bus or Cars (slimline,. land yacht, monochrome, ) – the “things that move” stage of life will go on for a long time. The Grimm’s bus is one of my favorite because peg people, Duplos, and even plastic figures fit in there. On occasion a toy animal appears.

Bridges (rainbow, natural) – does your child like things that move? Cars, trains, planes? Here you go, you’ll need this.

Little kids – 3-5 years

12 piece marbles – great size for little hands. They are a choking hazard for under three years old, so please supervise if younger play with them.

Shapes stacking game – see above, a baby toy that goes beyond its years.

Large Stepped Pyramid

1001 Nights Set

Counter Rotating Spiral

Sloping blocks

Stepped roofs

Large rollers (rainbow, pastel, natural) – Roll them, stack them, make castles with them.

Building boards (rainbow)

12 piece Rainbow stacker (rainbow, natural, monochrome black and white, pastel) – it’s the Cadillac of stacker. The 12 piece stacker is versatile, beautiful, and durable. Note that I don’t recommend the 12 piece for younger children as there more creative and open ended toys for them at that age.

Hearts (red or rainbow) – another one of those, “I wish I bought it sooner” toys from Grimm’s.

Sparkling sun mandala – One of two sparkling mandalas available today from Grimm’s. The other is the small blue/purple mandala. Both are stunning. The sun mandala has larger pieces than the blue, and the blue has gems in every piece.

Young children 5-8 years old

Tangram set (pink or turquoise) – a classic game. You can’t go wrong with it.

Counter Rotating Spiral – large, heavy, and with no lip, it is admittedly a love-hate relationship.

Sloping blocks – great for marble runs.

Stepped Roofs (rainbow, pastel) – also great for marble runs, castles/homes and strolling across a bridge.

Magnetic sets – most definitely for the 5 and up crowd.

I hope this helps you out! Post a question below and I’ll be happy to answer.

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