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The 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Here it is!!! The moment you’ve been waiting for all year … when you recycle the traditional toy guides and let your child peruse a toy guide full of educational, quality, and sustainable toys.

Send the link to your parents, to your friends, to your school. Video reviews are coming, but this massive pdf should keep you busy. Plus, I didn’t realize how long it would take to write the pdf guide, only 30 hours!

Included are many small businesses, Modern Rascals, The Natural Baby Co, Bella Luna Toys, Danny & Luca, Wren & Mae Creations, Zooble Toys, Fagus, Grimm’s Wooden Toys, Grapat, Ostheimer, Fairyshadow Dolls, Poppy Baby Co, Jen’s Pretty Pegs, Magic Cabin, German Mommy, and Mirus Toys.

Click here for the Gift Guide PDF

I hope you enjoy this first ever eco friendly toy catalog! Print, or better yet, look on the computer together at all the great toys you can buy without the batteries and noise.

Last, here are my video reviews going over my favorite retailers. (I still have to upload a few, so hang tight). In the videos, I go through the site and pick out my favorite items in stock.

Favorite toys and kids apparel at Natural Baby Co

If you think I forgot something (well, I probably forgot about many great toys!) and must include it, please drop me a line on instagram!

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