The Quest to Help a Struggling Baby Nap – Day 9

Kiddo had a bad cough and cold and I kept him home today.

If you are new joining this challenge of sleep issues with an older baby, read the full series below.

After morning nap with baby, the three of us went out for a walk with a friend. I made sure to take the walk during both kids “awake time”.

We had a packed lunch after the walk and I piled the kids into the car for a drive. I didn’t want to do it, but with husband working at home, I needed both children to nap.

On the negative side, I started our drive at 2PM (14:00), late for both children’s naps. Toddler should have been asleep by 1pm (the time he sleeps at preschool) and baby should be nursing by the same time.

The upside is that baby slept two hours in the car and toddler slept one hour. He did not want to sleep. Since starting his new school, he has been nap resistant – hopefully he relaxes and starts taking naps at school. He is the type of child that needs naps. Absolutely needs a nap or he becomes possessed by the poltergeist.

Woke up through the night
20:00 fell asleep with daddy, easily
16:10 woke up, car drive over
14:25 fell asleep, made sure she was extra hydrated
14:00 car ride
13:00 lunch
Hike with Friend
11:00 awake
09:38 asleep!
ignored baby, she played and chatted
09:10 in crib, nursed. Put a pillow under mattress to elevate. Put on white noise.
Gave 2ml Tylenol, low fever
08:45 nursed
08:00 breakfast
Nursed twice more…
04:00 awake crying, nursed
02:30 awake crying, nursed 2-3 times before that. Left baby with daddy, could not take the nursing anymore

As usual, baby is waking during the night – several times. Part of this is being sick and part is the comfort nursing. I will tackle this issue next week when she is healthy and is more comfortable with the crib. For now, one sleep issue at a time.

Day 10 has both kiddos sick – fun times!

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