The Quest to Help a Struggling Baby Nap – Day 8

Today we had a couple big wins! Number one: I put baby in crib and she did not scream like a banshee! Number 2: I found out she might be hungry when going to sleep, so I offered a small bowl of solid food (strawberries). That put her in a good mood to sleep.

I am feeling that we are reaching the end of the tunnel. There is hope, real hope to get out of this mess. It is only day 8 and we have no idea what will happen over the next weeks, but still, there’s hope!

There really is hope!

Need to catch up? See what happened on Day 7.

22:30 awake, nursed
19:50 nursed and fell asleep with some fussing
19:40 back in crib, fed few strawberries (farmer’s market pickup) – surprised she was hungry
19:30 put baby in crib, sat on yoga ball. She did not cry!!! Played puzzle, read book for 10 min
19:20 nursed in bed
16:05 gave to daddy, tried for 30 min, did not go back to sleep
15:30+ on/off screaming, nursing, screaming, extremely overtired
14:55 awake, crying, nursed, being silly, nursed again, rocking. Eventually laid down baby to whine – still in crib
13:50 put herself to sleep, was in crib ignoring her
13:35 laying her down when she stands up, not happy
13:05 nursed in crib 15 min, then played and read books
12:30 small lunch
10:45 watermelon snack
10:20 awake! Slept the whole time!
09:10 asleep
08:50 nursing and books
07:30 nurse
05:30 nurse
02:45 night nurse

There is too much night nursing going on, but right now, I need to fix the daytime sleeping in order to gain some much needed sanity.

Day 9 features two sick kiddos. Spoiler alert!

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