The Quest to Help a Struggling Baby Nap – Day 7

Today was a blur. There was a fair amount of whining and crying from baby (admittedly, some from me too).

I was grasping for straws seeking out new ways to help calm and ease the sleep cycles. We tried a sleep sack (only good for sleeping on the back though), black paper to block out light (somewhat worked), and white noise (who knows if it worked).

22:30 awake, night nurse
19:45 asleep!
19:25 nursed
18:40 had a small dinner
17:05 awake!
16:18 awake, did not cry, rolled part over, back to sleep
16:00 back asleep
15:45 bathroom, then went to comfort her, back in crib, nursed…a lot
15:40 awake and crying
15:20 woke up, cried for a minute, back to sleep
14:50 back asleep
14:42 awake, crying, snuggled lying down, did not nurse
14:20 asleep!
14:05 nursed 15 min, ate one bite of pancake
13:45 put up black poster boards, extra curtains. Not completely black, but darker!
13:30 nursed
13:20 fell asleep for five minutes in stroller
Did not want to eat
Ran errands, took stroller
11:25 out of crib. Going to michaels to buy black poster paper
11:10 awake, crying. Saw daddy. Nap over
10:45 asleep again, really, there’s an 11 month regression?
10:30 awake crying, put in sleep sack, propped her on a pillow
10:20 asleep
10:15 awake crying
09:55 asleep!
09:35 nursed
07:00 woke up, did not nurse (nursed many times during the night)

Catch up on Day 7 and see what happens tomorrow with Day 8! August is almost over!

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