The Quest to Help a Struggling Baby Nap – Day 6

Day 6 didn’t start well. It’s the weekend and weekends are always hard to get baby to sleep. Why? Brother is around. And brother is the best thing ever.

Day 5 was terrible, here’s to a somewhat better day!

Morning nap:
20 minutes. Tried all sorts of things to help to fall back asleep including a lot of boob time. Didn’t help. Found a sleep sack and testing it out for the first time ever.

Afternoon nap:
It was a strange afternoon nap. Brother and pappa went out and baby fell asleep five minutes later. Kid you not.

But there were several wake ups by baby that resulted in crying for a minute, then falling back asleep.

As it would turn out, she began running a fever in the evening. I think the afternoon random cries were her falling sick.
night: Woke up several times, light fever, gave Tylenol, husband had to comfort her
21:45 awake, crying, husband tried comforting
21:10 awake, crying, husband got baby back to sleep
20:45 had to leave crib to help Arjun, fell asleep
19:55-20:40 crying, nursing, fell asleep, woke up screaming, nursed again
19:45 bedtime, overtired,
Small dinner, good mood
16:05 awake!
15:53 woke up, cried for a minute, back to sleep
15:40 woke up, cried for a minute, back to sleep
15:09 woke up, cried for a minute, back to sleep
15:03 woke up crying, fell back asleep after 1 min
14:36 woke up crying, turned over, back to sleep
14:13 transfer to crib
14:00 asleep on me, attempt to transfer
13:40 got in crib, put sleep sack on, nursed
Ate lunch
12:00 Gave up. Never went back to sleep
11:05 found a sleep sack! Attempting to use it
10:45-11:00 nursed, but baby wanted to be silly. Overtired
10:40-10:45 went to bathroom, left baby in crib.
10:00-10:40 refused to sleep. Cried, nursed, acres silly.
10:00 awake
09:40 sleeping
09:15-09:35 nursed
07:00 wakes up
00:00-07:00 Nursed during night 🙄

Read on to Day 7!

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