The Quest to Help a Struggling Baby Nap – Day 4

Friday was a mess because we were out for the day. I did coincide my drive times with her nap schedule. With the unforgiving Bay Area traffic in my favor, baby took a great morning nap.

The afternoon nap did not that well. She slept on the ride home, but once I was home and parked the car, she woke up. Somehow changing gears from D to P causes her to wake. I would have stayed in the car had it not been for needing to use the restroom. She slept an hour.

When she does not nap well, night sleep is an issue. The overtired daytime leads to evening overtired; she does not get restful sleep during the night as a result.

03:30 (8/25) woke up, nursed, back to sleep
23:00 woke up, nursed, back to sleep
19:20-19:45 scream fest. Calmed down after “bzzzz” and “aaauuummm” sounds
19:15 fell asleep in crib, tried moving arm, total meltdown. Nursed to calm down
18:45 take baby to bed, nursed, read books, very tired
15:00 awake
14:00 asleep in car ride home
Did not have a good lunch or nurse well – but did meet friends!
11:00 awake
09:50 asleep in car
07:00’ish woke up and nursed

The “buzzzing” and “aum” (like the Indian aum) sounds helped calm her down. They’re sounds that mimic the womb and vibrate through your chest. Either having baby on you or their hand on your chest while you makes these sounds can help calm them.

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