The Quest to Help a Struggling Baby Nap – Day 11

All I have to say today is WOW.


Can we also get a HALLELUJAH?!

Baby has now fallen asleep FIVE times by herself with NO screaming! I will stop using capital letters, though this is the biggest breakthrough since she was born.

I am PROUD of her!

In the past two days she has:
Fallen asleep by herself
Played in the crib by herself
Laughed in the crib
Allowed me to sing from outside the crib

If you have an older baby (six months and older) and suffering from nap issues, behold, there is hope! Real hope! From a regular mom like me. I wrote a mid-challenge summary over here.

We are only in Day 11 of my quest to help her nap and push through sleep issues. She is also sick. However, being a constant, overtired baby to where we are now, is night and day.

As usual, here is our time schedule for the day.

20:25 asleep! BY HERSELF!!!
20:15 left in crib alone, played with toy
20:00 nursed again
20:15 put in crib with pillow vibrator
19:30 fixed crib
19:00 nursed
18:30 dinner (late)
Wonderful evening
15:50 awake!
13:42 stopped crying and fell asleep!
13:35 left in crib, crying
13:10 nursed in bed, played
12:40 Good lunch
10-10:50 was in crib by herself!!! Woke up, played, fell asleep – no crying!!!!!
10:50 awake!
10:20 fell asleep?
10:05 awake
09:30 asleep
09:20 put on white noise, turn on bed vibrator, in crib but ignoring baby, whining protest (not screaming at least)
09:00 nursed, upset, definitely not well
08:00 small breakfast
00:10 crying, sick – lost voice, nursed all night

What will Day 12 bring? It is the long weekend and that means brother is home. Let’s hope they both sleep well!

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