The Quest to Help a Struggling Baby Nap – Day 10

Both kiddos fell sick with a cough and cold coupled with a light fever. I gave them tylenol in the morning after breakfast. Bay fell asleep pretty easily. Unfortunately after 20 minutes, I went into the room to reset the vibrating pillow and specifically told my toddler NOT to follow me in the room.

Guess what he did? He followed me into the room. And what happened? Just by talking he woke up baby (if she hears him, she wakes up).

That was such a bummer because I had to spend another 1.5 hours dealing with the on/off/on whining, crying, nursing from her while kiddo was coughing.

He eventually fell asleep but woke up with such a cough, he threw up. Baby is awake and crying.

Turned out to be a miserable morning.

By some miracle, we turned our ship and fed baby; she was famished! I made sheera. Sheera is an Indian breakfast dish made with cream of wheat, saffron, bananas, and a dash of sugar. I wanted an alternate to oatmeal.

After lunch, we all read books together in my bed. Baby was not happy going into the crib and she began screaming. On the plus side, she stopped after five minutes and played until falling asleep. A solid two hour nap.

My toddler decided he would not sleep, so he sat in his room kicking the wall. He was sick and tired, he too needed the sleep. After an hour of masti (nonsense), he fell asleep.

Peace in the house! And the evening went by beautifully.

20:30 nursed, fell asleep easily
15:50 awake!
13:30 asleep!
12:55 put in crib, screaming begins, overtired. Stopped screaming after 5 minutes, then began to play to in crib!
12:30-12:55 read books in bed, nursed
11:40 ate a lot of oatmeal
10:55-11:30 played in crib, some whining – shock!
10:45 left to help brother.
10:35 broke down full crying. Had to nurse. Asleep in arms. Unable to move.
10:10 turned on white noise, crib vibrator, screaming stopped. Calm but whining.
Toddler throws up from coughing
09:50 fed 15 ml water, sunken Fontanelle
09:30 didn’t calm down. Rocked/held calmed down, put back in crib, screaming – rinse repeat
09:25 woke up crying/whining, left for 4-5 minutes to see if she could calm down
08:50 asleep
Hardly ate breakfast
Nursed many times
Sick through the night 🙁

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