Judgemental Jerk Ideas We Have of Mothers

I want to tell you something. Whether you are a new mom, becoming a mom, or reading here because you’re interested in learning about small creatures, we have all been jerks.

To nursing moms, to new moms, to working moms, to all moms.

You know deep down you have judged a mom, consciously or not. We have misinformation, disinformation, and flat out prejudice against mothers that we all drink the kool-aid and expect them to be picture perfect people.

Judgmental Jerk Idea 1: Every woman can breastfeed
I honestly thought that every woman can breastfeed easily. In my head, I excluded women with illnesses or breast cancer, but everyone else breastfeeding should be easy.

There isn’t a biology book in the world that explains breastfeeding is the most difficult and tiring job for mammals. Sure, watching mommy pig nurse 10 piglets looked excruciating. Humans, we only have one or two children at most to nurse. How difficult can that be? After all, if a baby cannot nurse, they die (historically speaking over thousands of years); those babies must be able to latch easily and quickly.

I wish someone told me way back when this is worse than labor and the most demanding thing you will do physically to your body. And when people judge you or you judge others on they should feed their newborns (not solids of course), they can screw off.

Judgmental Jerk Idea 2: Not Helping Moms in public when they need it
It’s tough to know when a mom needs help. Sometimes it is carrying things, sometimes it is holding the door open, sometimes it is being funny with other children to help turn their tears in smiles. And sometimes it’s giving a mom a full helping hand when there vomit all over the place.

Whatever you do, help a mom a little more than you would help anyone else. Sure, in my pre-baby days, I would help moms carry strollers, especially in Stockholm, and hold doors for them. Could I have done more? Probably.

All that good karma you extend to another mother will come back to you.

Judgemental Jerk Idea 3: Thinking kids eating cookies, candies, and junk food is bad
To be clear, we could all eat less sugar and salt food in our diets. And toddlers and young children should eat the least of all. But guess what. Not every parent has the luxury to make their children a home cooked meal for every meal nor may they be able to afford food. And some parents work 10/12/15 hour days to make ends meet. Who am I to judge what those children eat as long as their parents love them, feed them, and give them a safe place to live?

Maybe it is more that some parents need education on how to best feed their children rather than be judged for their actions. But you know, *socialism* happens when we try to have a national policy to help people less fortunate than us. (I am eye rolling at you if you think socialism is that evil.)

Judgemental Jerk Idea 4: Babies who don’t sleep through the night = bad parenting
Hahaha, what a dumb idea that is! Babies who don’t sleep through the night or nap are…wait for it…BABIES!

No matter what kind of parenting we do, we are going to lose the war with them. We already know, babies can be the jerks when it comes to sleep. They only appreciate sleep when they are 14 years old and we can barely move them out of bed.

The irony of life, hahaha.

Judgmental Jerk Idea 5: Moms who work are not supporting the family
It makes me livid to know people think moms who work outside the house are not doing their jobs as good moms.

Moms can and should work. Period. We live in a society today that requires two person working homes to pay the bills. And women have equal brains to men, so why not use their brains? Why not have dreams and aspirations?

Working moms tend to be happier moms. And happier moms are more productive moms.

Let’s be nicer to each other. Ok?

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