10 Adorable DIY Onesie Ideas

At my baby shower, my friends put together a DIY onesie and bib station. Friends made the cutest and funniest onesies for our baby.

I just had to share their artwork and creativity!

iPood - Forget the iPod, the iPood is what really happens with a newborn baby. alt

Est 2015 - Don't you love all those annoying apparel companies telling you what year they were established? How about make one for the babe. Way more meaningful.

Crying gets you things - if crying doesn't solve the problem for your baby bean, cry some more. Crying will pretty much run your lives for those first months. Might as well enjoy a onesie with it! alt I am why we can't have nice things - That ended when I chose to have rabbits, but it's just as true when you have a baby. Input//Output - put an arrow facing up to the mouth, and put the output sign on the baby's tushie. There will be a lot of outputting. alt noob - give the nerds some love

player 3 - honestly, I haven't figured out what this means, but it's sure cute!

Feed me and no one will get hurt... I left you a present - need I say more? alt Hangry - now that it's an official word in the Oxford dictionary, you can be the coolest aunt/uncle ever for designing this onesie. alt "#tbt" - This was by far the most creative and provocative onesie. Do you remember the time when you were just a wee little sperm? Make this throwbackThursday so your friend's kid can learn the trauma of how a sperm becomes a baby. alt

Now on to making more onesies!